Survey System

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Survey System

The Survey System is the most complete survey software package available for working with survey questionnaires. This software is simple enough for occasional users, yet powerful and flexible enough for market researchers, pollsters, and other survey professionals. Unlike spreadsheets or general purpose statistics packages, The Survey System was designed specifically for surveys. 


"The Survey System Saves You Time!"


The Survey System is easy to learn and use, there are no commands to memorise. You can use a mouse or keyboard. One keystroke opens a context-sensitive Help window, which explains your options. There is a tutorial to get you started. 

The Survey System's philosophy is do the work only once and then reuse it.

  • Enter question and answer choice labels only once.
  • Use the same instructions to put questions on the screen for data entry and to produce
  • paper, Web page, tables, text reports, and graphics.
  • Re-use questions in study after study, without re-typing them.
  • Create re-usable custom table, chart and Web questionnaire formats.