Social Media Set-up

What can we do for you?

Social Media Set-up

Social media can be a very powerful tool for your online marketing strategies. At Whistlefish, we can set up and manage multiple social media channels for your company to increase brand recognition.


Social media has become a huge platform for marketing within the last couple of years. With over 36 million social media users in the UK, social media can be hugely beneficial for your business and has the potential to reach out to mass amounts of people daily.


Social media statistics

  • There are over 30 million social media users in the UK
  • 65% of all Internet users in the UK have social media
  • 57% of the UK’s population use social media

How can social media be used to benefit your business?

Social media marketing gives you the opportunity to reach out and engage with your target market to build awareness of your brand and promote the products and services you have to offer.

However, social media marketing isn't’t easy and takes a lot of time and dedication. Anyone can create a social media profile and post content. But to grow a community, engage with them effectively and maintain followers is crucial to achieving results and requires specialist knowledge. That’s where we come in.

Benefits of Whistlefish’s social media management

  • Increase your brand presence
  • Reach out and engage with your customers
  • Generate more traffic to your Website
  • Benefit from word of mouth marketing
  • Gain valuable customer feedback quickly

What we offer

  • Social media set up and management
  • Brand your profiles with logos, designs, colours etc.
  • Help run campaigns to increase followers and coverage
  • Engage with your target audience and followers