Responsive Website Design

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Responsive Website Design

With the rapid growth of smart phones and tablets, more and more people are searching online for products and solutions through mobile devices. It is quick, easy and efficient. A responsive Website will create a sense of user friendliness and easy access to key information about your business. This in turn encourages and motivates users to stay on your Website converting your users to customers.

What makes a Website responsive is its ability to resize and adjust its layout to fit the device it is being viewed on, ensuring easy navigation and a great user experience on all devices.
In some circumstances we change the layout altogether,  through separate style sheets or through a CSS media query.  Most of the style can usually remain, with specific style sheets that move elements around with floats, widths and height changes.

Making every piece of content from a large screen available on a mobile device isn’t always the best answer. Mobile environments should have simpler navigation, a more focused content and rows instead of multiple columns.

Many smaller devices use touchscreen navigation, but touchscreen capability is increasingly being found now on larger devices, the responsive design needs to also take this into account.

Benefits of responsive design

  • Enhanced usability and user experience
  • Adapts to a variety of devices and screen sizes
  • Larger audience and device reach
  • Increased chance of user returning to the Website
  • Higher Website ranking on search engines
  • Easier to manage SEO and marketing for one Website
  • Future proofs your Website for new technology

The Whistlefish team will guide your Website through tried and tested design and development processes to ensure seamlessly responsive designs suitable for any mobile device.