Sage Integration

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Sage Integration

Maintaining product catalogues and stock levels for your Website and accounts system is both time consuming and prone to human error. For this reason, we have developed our E-commerce platform to integrate directly with the back-end of Sage Accounting Systems, giving you the ability to manage everything in one place. Our Sage integration system allows us to develop E-commerce Websites that gives you the ability to update product prices and stock quantities directly from Sage. As well as that, orders from our developed E-commerce Websites are automatically entered into the Sage system, keeping it as simple as possible.


The Sage integration system handles trade pricing/price lists, enabling you to sell to businesses, customers, or offer a product catalogue. The system will also enable the Website to recognise account customers and allow them to place orders without going through the payment process system.

Features of Sage Integration

  • Customer registration submission to Sage
  • User log in authentication to access price list from sage
  • Product price and stock level retrieval from Sage
  • Sales order processing and validation
  • Storage of customer registrations and orders
  • Ability to update inventory and stock levels
  • Keep customer records and information