CMS Solutions

What can we do for you?


In the early years of Whistlefish, we created and developed our very own Content management system (CMS). With ever changing requirements and end user experience always at the forefront of our mind we made adaptations and adjustments to the system to ensure that we developed a fully flexible CMS that is user friendly, bespoke and can be tailored to meet any customer specification or functionality.

Once the design and development phases have been implemented, we provide you with the power to control and manage your own content because who knows your business better than you.
See just some of the benefits and features of the system below:

Benefits of using our CMS

  • Direct control over the content on your Website
  • Manage the products on your Website
  • Reduce costs by making small changes yourself
  • User friendly system that is easy to use (training provided)
  • Accessible from anywhere at anytime

Features of our CMS

  • WYSIWYG editor - no confusing code
  • Unlimited amount of content managed pages available
  • News, Galleries and any additional features are ready to implement
  • Fully optimised for the best search engine performance
  • Valid HTML 5 Strict - Fully compatible with all browsers

The other bits

Upon request, we can also develop Websites in familiar CMS systems such as Joomla & Wordpress. These open source systems are readily available for downloads on the web and can help you get your Website up and running fairly quickly with minimum fuss.


Why Choose a Content Managed System?

Our Content Management System gives you the ability to update content, add pictures, links, news and even change or add more categories to your navigation bar. This means that you can make small changes to the site when it’s best for you, saving money by doing the work yourself - but don't worry, we are only a phone call away for any support you need.


No technical skills needed - There's no need for you or your colleagues to learn any new software. You simply make the changes to your Website online as and when you need to and then view the changes instantaneously. The system contains WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors, so you don't even see the code when adding content - If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use our CMS.


Update your Website from anywhere - Because the site is managed online, you can update your Website instantly from anywhere in the world on any PC.  All you need is your Username and Password, and you can make corrections and changes quickly and easily, add text, insert pictures or even place Word documents and PowerPoint presentations to your Website as and when you wish at the click of a mouse.


Link Management - Create text or image links to internal pages and external Website quickly and easily. Its user interface also allows simple browse and click to create hyperlinks.


Code Mode – If you have the skills, switch to code mode at the click of a button and directly edit your HTML code from your browser.



Don't worry, you can call us for any assistance when editing or adding content! We also provide an after-care support package where we even offer a content writing service.