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5 Ways to ensure your website is successful

Published: 15/08/2016
Last Updated: 15/08/2016

1) Make sure your Website looks good and functions properly
Your Website is your 24/7 sales person that never sleeps, doesn’t need a holiday and is always performing to the best of its ability. But just like a human counterpart, your Website may not be projecting the right image which could reduce sales and customer appeal.
It is vital that your Website has a high quality, modern design that stands out and keeps the user interested. It is also important that the Website is functioning properly with no broken links, or unresponsive pages. Customers viewing a web page will make a decision on whether or not to stay within roughly 6 seconds, which means you really need to impress them.
2) Keep watch of your Websites bounce rate
For those unfamiliar with ‘bounce rates’, this is the process of a user visiting a Website and then leaving without taking any actions such as buying a product or browsing the different pages. The lower your bounce rate, the better as this means that the majority of viewers are navigating your Website without instantly clicking off.
Unlike a physical store, accessing different Websites is as simple as clicking a couple of times which means it is harder to retain a customer and stop them from going to a competitor. However, if your Website is designed correctly, you can maintain their interest, making sure they stay on your Website and increasing the chances of them buying something from you.  
3) Customer reviews are advantageous, so use them  
A total of 72% of customers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from real people. Whether you are selling services or products on your Websites, reviews can be a really useful tool to help potential customers make an informed decision. There are plenty of free review services available, one of the most common being Google Plus. If you haven’t got a review system built into your Website, it’s not too late and we strongly recommend doing so.
4) SEO and marketing
Ever wondered how companies have managed to get their Websites on the very top of the Google search page? Well, SEO (search engine optimisation) is the answer. This marketing method is used by almost every large company and has a huge impact on sales and the amount of customers your Website receives.
With Google being the number one search engine with millions of people searching daily, you really need to be on the first page if you are truly interested in having a successful Website. Having a good SEO strategy and regular implementation can achieve this and is an extremely effective way to make your Website more successful.
5) Be unique and stand out from the crowd
This mainly comes down to the overall design of your Website, but quite often, companies have to re-evaluate their services and what they offer when having a new Website as they realise they may not be all that different form the competition. So having a successful Website really does require a fresh brand and product offering mixed together with a bespoke Website.
When producing content for a Website, trey to include as much personality as possible. This may seem like an unprofessional direction, but at the end of the day, people buy from people, so it is important to get that personality across in your Website. If this is done correctly, your 24/7 salesperson will bring in clients that already want to work with you.