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Maple Project Management System (MPMS)

Our Job & Time Management solution gives you the visibility you have always wanted. You can see inside every job, showing deadlines, estimates, employees assigned to the job, time spent on the job and much more.

The Job & Time Management solution comes with a tool that will allow you to see exactly how on target you are working in your projects and how efficiently your staff are working. The time reporting tool included in the Job & Time Management solution provides an in depth analysis of all job and task due dates and milestones, and who is responsible for delivery.

Our Job & Time Management solution takes the pain out of time sheeting. You won't have to spend hours trying to allocate employee hours to the right job, trying to decipher illegibly scrawled pieces of paper, or attempting to get your Excel spreadsheet to import into your payroll system.

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Key Features


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Job Tracking

Track who has been working on the job, what is the current status, and how this job is affecting your business.

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User Time Logging

Employees can complete their own time sheets online by entering time against jobs.

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Project Management

Break a project into tasks and allocate time and resources for each task. Log all work carried out on a project.

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Reports can be run to show staff time usage and customer plan usage.

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A customer can log into their control panel to raise a new ticket and track the progress of any existing tickets.

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Unit care plans can be managed for customers and units can be removed from the plan as work is carried out.

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